Poll: How Do You Feel About Miniskirts?

According to The Wall Street Journal, miniskirts are over! I didn’t know that. I didn’t know they were ever “in”. I think I mostly associate them with Twiggy. And honestly, up until this moment, I thought we were living a place called Heaven where women could really just wear whatever length of skirt they thought suited them, and that was fine. Saying that one length is now out feels very “1850′s-sleeve-style-changes-perceptibly-and-universally-every-year-Anne-Shirley-must-have-puffed-sleeves-now.”

Admittedly, Heaven is a weird place, because it means sometimes I find myself walking behind a woman thinking she is 16 and then she turns around and I realize she is 60. And that is confusing. But I thought, hey, mini-skirts, wear them if you want to, every skirt length is essentially okay right now, embrace the midi, the mini, the maxi. But I was wrong! Here is how they are over:

Before a recent shoot for OK! Magazine, a publicist tried to coax Amber Stevens, a young, leggy starlet, into a short skirt. Nothing doing.

“A mini dress just isn’t something you go for right now,” says Ms. Stevens, who prides herself on her style. These days, the 24-year-old actress wears her skirts hemmed below the knee.


minis can come off as overdone and just plain old. “It just looks like you’re trying too hard,” says Sharon Graubard, senior vice president of trend analysis for Stylesight, a New York style forecasting service. “That whole if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it thing really doesn’t go right now.”

Huh. I’ve never loved mini-skirts until this moment, but now I feel strangely protective of them. How to do you feel about minis?

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    • Danielle

      If you’ve got great legs then wear them.

    • Meg

      If you’ve got it, then why wouldn’t you flaunt it?

      • BK

        Amen, sister.

    • Kelly

      I voted for “meh.” I don’t think they’re totally over, but I think a LOT depends on the situation and the outfit. It’s so easy to slip into 1990s territory. I also think micro-minis are totally over – mid-thigh is much better IMO if you’re going to do a miniskirt.

    • Jo

      Yeah, as a short person, I’m not every going to hop on the maxi trend.

    • Eileen

      A short skirt can be beautiful in the right situation (and if you’re comfortable with your thighs). Similarly, there are times when it’s completely inappropriate to wear a skirt that doesn’t fall below your knee. I, like Jennifer, thought this was obvious…

      Btw, what constitutes “miniskirt,” anyway? I’m assuming we’re not talking about the skirts that the Spice Girls used to wear and are referring to things you can sit down in. If not, disregard my comment.

    • BK

      I guess I see what she means that a longer skirt or a shorter full one seems a bit “fresher” right now, but I would hardly say that mini skirts are “out”

    • Hall

      I hate mini skirts. I’m 24 & I’ve always hated them. I don’t want to see your underwear or your vagina, no matter how great your legs look, because you were never taught how to sit like a lady.

    • Goldie

      I feel the same way about people who express shock or outrage that this or that decade is BACK. Sure, certain styles will trend more than others (like the 70s and maxi everything right now), but doesn’t fashion always pull from the past?

      It makes sense if people are talking about something like a fanny pack, but a mini skirt? That’s a staple style for certain occasions. Just because it’s not trending high right now doesn’t mean it’s OUT.

    • marissa

      that’s because fashion and sex appeal don’t necessarily go together. Minis might be “out” in the fashion world, but please find me one guy who likes maxi dresses?? Great for period days, but not for sex appeal.

    • pete

      hate them. as a guy, if i see a girl in a mini skirt, or even short shorts which to me is the equivlant of a bikini since your half naked and can see everything up the kazoo, then i already cross that girl off my list. hate to say it but most girls who feel ok dressing like that off the beach to me look like sluts. i love girls who wear long flowy dresses. to me not only is that SO much more attractive on a woman, but its so much more lady like. seems being a lady is lost on this generation. dressing like a total hoebag has been “in” since the 60′s. disgusting.

    • anonymous

      miniskirts are incredibly hot, why are people so freaking hostile towards them. They are wearing miniskirts for your pleasure so appreciate it don’t get all angry and antagonistic.