Gallery: Things Not to Say After a One-Night Stand

Sometimes, we find ourselves waking up after a one-night stand and feeling a little tongue-tied. Should we ask the person in our bed to stay? Should we grab our clothes and run, run like the wind? Or should we exchange pleasantries all morning until one of us has the balls to make a decision?

Well, any and all of those might be fine. But there are some things you’ll want to avoid letting slip out, just because you’re nervous. Here are some of those things. If you can keep yourself from saying them, you’re well on your way to good one-night stand etiquette (also, take heed: many of them sound funnier in your head than they do when you say them out loud):

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    • colette

      Holy F$%@ you’re a GUY?!

    • Patricia

      I once asked a guy to remind me his name. I was 98% sure I knew it, but it was meant as a joke. Instead, it sounded so douchey I still shiver in embarrassment.

    • K

      When I was a brand new freshman in college, I fooled around with a guy down the hall. Afterwards, we were chatting and the subject of my age came up. He double checked that I was eighteen and I responded, “Yeah…in a few months.” I was, in fact, eighteen, but the look on his face was priceless. We’re still friends today, for what its worth.

      Moral of the story, make sure the other person is legal before you have sex.

    • G

      I know this is off topic, but slide number 4 looks like Billie Piper.