Retro Snap: Guy Bourdin, Who Almost Killed This Model

For this shoot for French Vogue in 1970, Guy Bourdin smeared a film of glue onto the models’ faces before applying hundreds of sequins. He then decided it would be best to paste them over the model’s entire bodies as well. Unfortunately, after applying the glue their skin could not breathe, and the models began blacking out. The editor said “we can’t go any further. These girls will die.” And Guy replied “Oh it would be so beautiful – to have them dead in bed!”

(They didn’t die, fortunately.)

You feel creepy for admiring this picture now, don’t you?

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    • Laynie

      Skin does not breathe. Human beings breathe with their respiratory system- through their noses & mouths, into the lungs, where oxygen is absorbed and carbon dioxide is give off. Covering your skin will not suffocate you, although taping your nose and mouth closed will.

      TheGloss seriously needs to have their facts checked more often. I keep seeing “articles” like this with ridiculous errors.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I guess you can blame the New Yorker?

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Jesus, Jen. The New Yorker? That’s like getting your stories from Weekly World News. Also: putting quotation marks around stuff makes it automatically suspect, which is a cool trick if you don’t have anything to back your statement up.

      • Jennifer Wright

        You know that I only read it for the Shouts and Murmurs written by Batboy.

      • Lisa G

        OK. Laynie, YOU need to get your facts checked… because you obviously have no clue how the human body works… YES, we get about 98% of our oxygen from breathing, however when they said their skin couldn’t “breathe” they mean that skin plays a crucial role in cooling off the body. That is what pores are for… they release tiny molecules of carbon dioxide and tiny tiny drops of saltwater (or sweat) its happens to you constantly even if your not very hot. It’s how a healthy body remains at a steady temperature or 98.6 degrees F. Covering a persons skin in a film of non-body paint (covering the entire body) or glue will suffocate a person, over heating them and the body having no way to cool off. The skin is the body’s only way to cool off, therefore the models were basically going to die of elevated body temperatures similar to having a really high fever and dieing from it. Except they cant sweat to cool off the body. So yes, it is VERY likely you will die from this ^ or if you paint your entire body in regular paint instead of “body” paint. Glad I could inform you, unfortunately you have already ranted about the non-sense that TheGloss was talking about when in fact, YOU were the one with ridiculous errors in your statements. So, nice job and glad I can now keep you from embarrassing yourself on this topic again.

    • Kate

      The creepy thing is having a writer thinking that the skin is how humans breathe.

    • rose

      what? their skin… couldn’t breathe?