• Fri, Mar 25 2011

Crystal Renn’s First ‘Vogue’ Cover: See The Complete Editorial

Congratulations to Crystal Renn, diversity champion, health role model and all-around absurdly beautiful woman: the top model has landed her first Vogue cover. Crystal was photographed by David Roemer for Vogue Mexico. Here’s the spread.

(Photos via Fashion Gone Rogue)

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  • Lindsay Cross

    I love Crystal Renn and I think this photo shoot is wonderful. But I almost spit out my drink when I saw the purple shot. It’s like a big lavendar Gumby.

  • Eves

    Beautiful pictures but…what is “plus-size” about this woman??

    • Ashley Cardiff

      In any industry except modeling: nothing.

  • ceebee

    What a weird set of images, it looks as thought they’ve gone for those reeeeeal contorted body lengthening poses (because she’s, like, a total heiffer) and it just kind of looks… well, weird.
    Also, by my reckoning, if she’s a UK 14 (as I read in a recent article) then she must be at least 11 feet tall, because i’m a UK 14 and half as tall as that and I appear to be twice as wide as she.
    She’s a walking, talking (‘food loving’- wow!) hall of mirrors, and I now feel like a waddling, wobbling circus of freaks :(