Real Talk: The Piece Of Clothing We’re Ashamed To Own

We’ve been talking a lot about sweatpants this week – but not all guilty pleasure comfy clothing items are sweatpants. Okay. Some are sweatpants. Some are also uggs. And some are bras pulled from beneath cars.

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    • Meg

      Once when I was depressed I bought myself “scrubs” & wore them for like 3 weeks straight.

    • Jamie B

      Yoga pants are the best thing I ever bought. ;-) Not gonna lie, I strip basically the second I walk in my door, and the yoga pants (I have a couple pairs) are usually what go on.
      Also, a RATTY pair of sweatpants that I stole from my husband back when he was just a boyfriend.

    • Nessy

      Is it really bad that I have that leopard snuggy?

      • Penelope

        Nope! I have a Chicago Cubs one, and it’s heaven on cold nights! Snuggies are the new black.

    • M

      I should not admit this, but virtually my entire wardrobe would induce shame into normal people. Most of my old jeans have a giant right-butt hole [all in the same place, it's weird] and I’ve gotten too fat for them anyway, yet I haven’t gotten rid of them. All but one pair [my special-occasion girl jeans that make me look presentable] of the pants I wear now are men’s jeans or cargos that I bought on sale, and they fit me like sale men’s pants on a fat girl. Virtually all my regular-wear clothes have oil stains from working on cars too, hence why I refuse to pay girls-jeans-that-fit-well prices for pants any more.

      On the other end of the spectrum, I have a surprising number of dresses and skirts. This is also somewhat shameful because they almost never get worn, and having adjusted to my shlumpy mechanic/male hobo style I don’t feel as kickass and comfortably feminine as I used to when I actually do go places all girled up. It’s kind of sad.

      On the more normal-shameful end of the spectrum, I’m currently wearing my cat-print muumuu. I have had it for years and it’s my go-to comfy-at-home-when-everyone-else-is-out ‘outfit’. [But if no one but my boyfriend is home, it's naked time.]

      • Corrinne

        Oh my god! All my jeans wear out in the ass too! I have a big ass compared to the rest of me. Luckily, men seem to like it, husband included :) Seriously though, my jeans always end up splitting a whole somewhere near the ass seam. It sucks. And it is always the jeans I love, never the ones I don’t really care about.

      • M

        I feel a little better about someone else having the same problem. :) Except I have the stereotypical Asian no ass, no ass at all. It’s confusing. And I hardly ever use my back pockets either, so it can’t be that. But within a few months of each other all my old regular-wear jeans grew a random hole in the same place horizontally under the right cheek, and the holes just grew whenever I wore them. My boyfriend does sometimes complain about how my new [frumpy] jeans don’t have the same convenient access hatch for him anymore though.

    • KB

      I was walking home from the bus in the rain one day, and I found a sweatshirt in the gutter. It was wet and smelled, but it was my size, so I washed it and pretended that I really did buy it at American Apparel. Winning!

    • Corrinne

      I always throw on some kind of comfy pants as soon as I get home. I have a lot of “yoga” pants that I wear as PJ’s, which is what I usually wear. The husband also got me a super expensive velour sweat suit. I don’t wear it out, but it matches and looks fancier than my normal lazy wear :) Also, I totally have a pink snuggy. I just use it like a regular blanket though, I don’t wear the arms.

    • Patricia

      I am guilty of wearing uggs in public. I used to live in Beijing and winters there are murder, -14 (Celsius, no idea what that’s in farenheit, sorry) during the day and even colder at night. So I’d say “screw it” and wear them on occasion. In my defense it is the only pair of boots i own that actually kept my feet warm under those conditions AND I had the good sense to change my shoes as soon as I reached my destination.

    • Hall

      I have Ugg-ish boots. And I wear them out. All the time. My defense is that A) I live in the Midwest so it’s not like anyone knows it’s wrong and B) My feet are always always ALWAYS freezing. I mean freezing to the point that I wear super fuzzy slipper/socks and the boots and my feet are still cold and C) I never have and never will wear them with shorts or skirts & since I hate skinny jeans with the burning passion of a thousand suns I’ve never even tucked my pants into them. The pair I have are getting worn out (they’re about 6 years old) & I have every intention of buying new ones next year.

    • Stephanie Zhao

      I can’t stand Uggs. I think it’s just me being super stubborn, but I’d choose anything over Uggs.