Would You Paint Your Pregnant Belly?

Because Mariah Carey did! With a butterfly! And the words “dem babies!” I’m not sure if any of those things fall into the category of “choices I’d make.” But then, my belly is not full of life, or motherhood, or any of that. My belly is just full of granola bars. If you were pregnant, is this something you’d do?

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    • Guy

      The materials in the paint will probably absorb into your body and make you unhealthy, which wouldn’t be good for the baby either

    • Ms. Pants

      I’m guessing she used body paint or something. Really, I’ve painted my own skin with acrylics numerous times. It peels right off. It’s more a hazard to your tub drain than your own skin.

      Would I do it? Well, I’d never be pregnant, so no. But just painting body parts in general? Yes. And way better than this stupid looking butterfly.

    • Hannah Beth

      Uhm, no. It’s neat though that half the butterfly is pink and half is blue, so it’s like a map to which baby is which, and then Nick can listen to them kicking and make sure the boy kicks harder than the girl. Or something. I don’t know. No, I’d never do that.

    • curlysarah29

      I have a friend who painted a quite artistic jack-o-lantern on her preggo tummy for Halloween. It was cute, I thought. I’m pretty vain, so should I ever be pregnant, I don’t think I’ll want anyone to see my tummy.

    • Shakira

      I’ve seen people do it with henna and it’s beautiful, style aside (i’m no fan of that butterfly either, but Mariah ISN’T really known for her skills with a paintbrush, is she?), why shouldn’t she celebrate this new phase of her life?