Star Trek: The Next Generation Of Your Closet

You know that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where it turns out that Tasha Yar, who died in the first season, had a half-Romulan daughter named Sela due to some fancy footwork involving time travel? You don’t?? Watch it. Right now. I’ll wait, it’s cool.

Ok. Now: didn’t Denise Crosby look amazing in that Romulan military jacket?!?! Don’t you want to copy her style? The answer is yes, she did. And yes, you do. And I will help you with a few suggestions that might work here on Earth.

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    • Hayden Tompkins

      I love everything about this. Anna Marquardt, you literally (literally!) warmed the cockles of my heart. That last jacket? Make it so!

    • Laura

      So excited to see Anna Marquardt on here. She is a truly hilarious writer and an awesome chick. More from Anna, please!!!

    • oja

      All except the last one were hideous.
      My mother couldn’t make me wear shoulder pads and neither can you.
      Fashion, I defy thee!

    • Moxie Magnus

      OH. MY. GOD. This is soooooo funny. (because it is so true). In my day no one had even seen a Romulan much less allowed their fashion sense to influence our daily wear!

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