What Do You Think Of Karl Lagerfeld’s New Diet Coke Bottles?

I pretty much love it every time Karl collaborates with Diet Coke so I’m excited to see his new line of bottles which are going to be released in specialty stores this June. But I’m not sure how I feel about the design. I mean, obviously, the picture of Karl is great. Everything should have a little picture of Karl on it. Everything. But the purple swirling stripes? It feels a little too Fruit Stripes gum to me.

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    • Meghan Keane

      Are those swirling stripes meant to hypnotize me away from ever drinking soda again? Because I think it’s working.

    • Guy

      I think the designs are really really cool, but diet coke shouldn’t be sold because it has aspartame which probably causes health problems

    • Hannah Beth

      I’d be more inclined to pay extra for a diet coke that was still red and silver. But with Tiny Karl on it.