Real Talk: What Men Really Think Of Your High Heels

According to The New Yorker Christian Louboutin considers his heels “man-bait: men like high heels, and women like being liked by men.” But do men really like heels that much? Can any type of shoes be considered “man-bait?” We polled a random selection of our male friends for their opinions on women’s footwear. Get ready, we’re going to fling some sort of old fashioned opinions at you like a spike heel to the eyeball.

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    • Lauren

      I really like these new “what men think of…” posts you guys are doing. Thanks!

      Also, this came at a perfect time as I’m trying to figure out what to wear to a first date tomorrow…

    • CS

      So…wear heels? Because men like that? Except for when they don’t?

      The “what men think of…” articles are interesting just to see the individual stories from guys, but I shudder to think that women actually look to this kind of thing for useful advice. It’s like those articles geared toward men that tell them to act like assholes “because women like jerks” – although the wildly varying opinions here do make the individuality of those asked clear. So, a better way to tell if a guy likes heels or not: Ask the guy you’re with, or interested in, what he thinks. The opinions of random dudes on the Internet don’t matter in the end, ladies.

      Although I (a woman) do agree with Dan and George: Flip-flops are DISGUSTING.

    • Hall

      I like Gus. And anyways, the general consensus was that heels that are classic & closed toe are sexy in the right situation. So heels & shorts are probably out. And your ridiculously glittery or patterned shoes have no effect on men. Nice to know I guess since I’m a black ballet flat kind of girl.

    • Grimblette

      I’ve never met a man yet who didn’t like high heels, including every boyfriend and work colleague. My husband loves them and hates the fact that I rarely wear them as I prefer flats. He’s not so keen on boots either which I love, but he does hate wedges with a passion! Shame really as I’ve just ordered a pair of gorgeous black wedge heeled boots…
      Maybe it’s all to do with what makes the woman feel sexy – I don’t honestly care if a man doesn’t like my choice of footwear,after all I buy them to make me feel good, not him!

      • Darryn

        That is heartbreaking! I’m a guy who totally loves girls in ballet flats, and my girlfriend won’t wear them (needs a small/medium heel to feel comfortable). So no, there ARE guys who prefer flats to heels, definitely!!

      • Mike Martlet

        Good thing you’re not married to me. You might fnd it ‘smart’ to proclaim your feminist inspired selfishness of “I don’t care what you think or would like, it’s what I want that matters. It’s all about ME!”. But two can play that game, and in my case it would be “fine, but since you don’t care about me, why on earth should I care about you? I’ll move into the spare room!”.

    • Leah

      How do I get Gus’s number?

    • anne

      love platform heels

    • Arnie

      I’m 5’11″ as it is, not to mention highly uncoordinated, so I tend to steer clear of heels. I do have one pair, that are absolutely beautiful, which I bring out from time to time, if I don’t need to be walking anywhere. Otherwise it’s flats all the way. Sometimes kitten heels, as then I don’t have to deal with trying to stay balanced if I have more than one drink.

    • Hannah Beth

      Another great post from the guys. I love heels. Conservative, but sexy heels. I’m 5’8″, and they put me almost at my boyfriend’s height, but he says he likes them. They make my legs look sexier, and they put a confidence (yes, actual confidence) in my walk. Plus, I love to hear them click. LOVE IT.

      That said, I agree with the post about open toed sandals on the subway and what not. Ew. That just goes back to when one should expose part of the foot. And the peep-toe comparison to a cloven hoof has me a little frightened. Of course, he could have meant thong toed flip flops, which are only appropriate in a dorm room shower.

      I’ll love my sneakers and hiking boots forever, but I’m always going to throw on heels to spice up a casual outfit. As long as they’re appropriate and don’t hinder my walking, what’s wrong with them?

      One thing the men didn’t address, however, was celebrity. It’s pretty rare to see a celeb walking around town in something other than heels, especially many of the ones men find really sexy. I expect heels on the red carpet because it’s a dressier occasion, but it’s hard to say the heels don’t really really help you feel more like them. Either way, you can’t rely on a pair of heels to “catch” a man.

    • Hannah Beth

      Also! The cover art on the Tessaro book, Elegance, IS Crystal Renn in ink.

    • Barbara

      I’ve got to say that the second slide is almost more than one should be required to view without warning… freaking nasty! Still, I wonder what’s wrong with that person, and how it got so bad ;-)

    • Patricia

      Like 90% of women, I love love love love shoes. I love that I have small feet so I always find some gorgeous pair for a special price because the store wants to get rid of it. I don’t care if they’re pumps, stilettos, strappy sandals, flats, hell, even converse… I looooove them. I love that I’m 5’2” so I wear the highest possible and don’t look like someone out of the cast of Priscilla. And obviously, I want to marry Christian Louboutin. The man is a freaking genius.

      I still remember the first time my ex saw my shoes in the closet, his face should have been in a dictionnary next to “wtf?!t”. He started counting how many there were and that’s when I prefered to steer him away.

      • MD108

        I think your ex was a bit worried about your spending habits more than anything else haha.

    • Gabriela

      Wedges=slutty? What?

    • Magda

      I know a girl, she is an acquaintance, who, no joke, is 6’2″. In flats. (I have slight height envy) And she wears heels, some up to 5″, frequently. She says it doesnt bother her that it makes her so tall. That wearing the shoes is for her, not for other people. And I agree.

      And I really dont see how wedges are slutty? I would think a stiletto, or any shoe with a platform would come off more slutty. Cause they look like stripper heels.

    • Virginia

      High heels shorten the calf muscles and will be very painful later in life. … NOT worth it..

    • sania

      Dont wear heels in ur daily routines .Its harmful.

    • fred G Sanford

      its really not the heels, its what the legs look like on heels, try heels and shorts…. baby!

    • Eileen

      I once went out clubbing with a female friend and a male friend. She and I were both in stilettos, and although we’re both pretty good at walking in stilettos, we were not walking as fast as he was. To help him understand our plight, I told him he had to walk on his toes and couldn’t bob up and down. After a couple of steps, he turned to me and said, “Wow, don’t take this the wrong way, but I think my butt looks much better like this.”

      And that is why I wear high heels.

    • khiara

      I love high heel shoes im 16 years old 5ft 8in, an din heels im about 5ft 11in! Some older ones say its going to kill me later lol! but for the meantime I loooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee heels

    • Joe Turner

      What ? You needed a “survey” to tell you this? Everyone from Daisy Dukes to Scarlett Johansson seemed to know this by genetic code.

      But, if it makes you happy, YES , it does make you BUTT look much better…………….

    • The guy luvs your shoes

      My women have lots of shoes because of me. I buy them all the time. I buy them dresses and heels to go out in. I can’t just give them the dress or just the shoes.

    • lynn

      don’t know about men but this girl here thinks any heel above 4 inches looks trashy.

    • kLPantera1

      Wow that’s such BS about short men. I’m only 5’5″ with out shoesand I have no problems being with a woman up to six feet. Actually I like them tall with high heels.

    • florcom

      Men love women in high heels because they are sexy.I buy my wife sexy high heels all the time and she loves wearing them. Yeah they are bad for you and she knows it but she likes wearing them and I love it when she wears them. High heels just make any outfit look better , boring frumpy shoes just look like what grandma wears.

      • george carlin

        and you thought I was dead…women wear high heels because it’s a big turn on for them….they don’t f***king care about what men think. so there.

    • MD108

      Heels are attractive, not all guys like heels but a number of them do.

    • David

      I love stripper shoes and women that have long tongues

    • CSLifer70

      I love women in high heels, I love the way they walk, they way it make their butt twitch and they make a womans legs look sooooooooooooooooo sexy! The nastier and sexier the better!