Rush Limbaugh, Still Horrible, Thinks Michelle Obama Isn’t Fashionable

Here’s a very intelligent, even-keeled discussion about the First Lady and her fashion choices, between a radio host known for his discerning style and a caller.

JK. Here’s Rush Limbaugh being a dumb asshole.

In Rush’s defense, yes, criticizing the first lady’s fashion decisions does come off as racist (that is, if you’re like Rush and a notorious bigot). If you want, like, a transcript of this, Styleite has a rundown. I watched the whole thing because a good afternoon rage blackout gives me a thrill.

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    • Lindsay Cross

      But those rage-induced blackouts are not good for your blood pressure, Ashley. Please stop watching Fox News. I’m worried that it’s dangerous for your health.

    • Quin

      Well, she’s not really fashionable per say. More stylish. She doesn’t seem to follow trends (though sometimes she seems to make trends).
      But that’s a bit off-topic. Oh, and the bit about her “shape” bugged me. Her shape is being in shape. I wish I was as motivated as her to be that healthy!

    • Natalie

      I’m from an adjacent town to Bremerton, WA, where the caller is from. And to note, Bremerton is NOTORIOUS around this region for being dark, glum, and style-less. I’ve heard it be referred to as ghetto. I adore Michelle Obama so I’m a bit biased in my outrage for these two idiots (and I’m a bleeding liberal) but I cannot help but think that this Bremerton lady is someone who probably wears a matching tracksuit to public.
      People with massive beer bellies in oversize sherbet orange polos shouldn’t be giving fashion advice.