Poll: Is There Such Thing as Too Much of an Age Difference?

Recently, ScarJo and Sean Penn made their love public by showing up at the marriage of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth together. According to Popeater, the couple had been spotted already at the “Black Swan” premiere, eating out in L.A. and heading to Mexico for a day trip.

The pair is causing quite a stir — why, I have more than one friend that has claimed to be (and I quote) “grossed out” by them. Maybe it’s because of their 95-year age difference, or maybe it’s because of her penchant for men who are emotionally attached to someone else (Ryan Reynolds left fiance Alanis Morissette for Scarlett, and Sean Penn is getting over a relationship and marriage to Robin Wright that lasted over 20 years). What is clear, though, is that with Sean Penn clocking in at 50, and Johansson a spring chicken of 26, he is old enough to be her father (and he wouldn’t even have had to be a teen dad).

So what do you think? Using Penn and Johansson as a jumping off point…

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    • Mariana

      it’s THEIR business! jesus. privacy, people. we have absolutely nothing to do with their choices

    • Shae

      Hm. My own parents have a 16-year age difference and it’s worked well for them, but I can understand how that wouldn’t work for everyone.

    • Hannah Beth

      I’m a little torn. I’m 20 years old, and find Penn immensely attractive. I imagine (call me crazy) that he feels that way about Scarlett. I wonder, though, if there’s a cut off. I mean, think Hugh Hefner and BlondOfTheMoment… but I’d think maturity and intelligence should factor in, and I think Scarlett shows more of those two things than a lot of young hollywood.

    • Eileen

      It’s okay for a quick rebound thing (read: sex), I think, but I lose a lot of respect for any man in his 50s who’s long-term interested in a woman in her 20s (and vice versa, although not as much). Not that I had much respect for Sean Penn or Scarlett Johansson to begin with.