Chanel Pissed At Blake Lively For Being the Face of Chanel

It appears that everyone in the entire fucking world is a little unclear why Karl Lagerfeld* has anointed Blake Lively as his new muse. This is not to say that Blake Lively is loathsome (she seems so… positive, after all) but this is to say that no one else seems to share quite the passion and fascination the fashion heavyweight has for the Gossip Girl star.

Same goes for the house of Chanel, apparently. Reports the Daily News:

The source adds that the grousing is over Lively’s “off-brand look” — the bitchy fashion industry’s clinical way of saying that Lively’s contemporary American beauty does not dovetail with Chanel USA’s efforts to sell its fashions as the height of European sophistication.

Unfortunately, it’s not very Chanel to express criticism of Chanel:

Another insider tells us that “the [Chanel] U.S. office would never have a say” in who is chosen to represent the brand in advertising, adding: “They’d literally fire anyone who admits” not being happy with Lively’s representation of the Mademoiselle bag line.

It’s not that Lively doesn’t make sense as a model (she’s tall! and shiny!) or has no appeal. It’s that no one seems to understand why Lagerfeld is so obsessed with her.

Then again, grain of salt: the same Daily News piece reports internal grumblings over Natalia Vodianova as a campaign face and she’s genetically perfect.

*And Anna Wintour!

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    • Patricia

      well… I get it. I mean, the girl is stunning and so…. golden. She’d be perfect for Ralph Lauren or Michael Korrs. But Chanel? Neh. Chanel isn’t about stunning, golden, women. Chanel is about haughty women, impeccably dressed, who – most importantly – look as though they wake up looking like that. Blake looks like that gorgeous friend who shares our love of yoga and martini happy hour. She looks too much fun, too human, I guess.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I can picture her on a yacht in a Kors campaign vividly.

    • S

      She looks like a future trophy wife. I can totally see the grumbles. She’s not high-fashion.