Poll: How Many Bags Do You Have in Rotation Right Now?

If there’s one thing I appreciate, it’s a thoughtfully selected handbag. That’s because I respect the fact that the right purse can take your look from “just graduated college” (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but at 31, I and other women my age should be aiming for something a little…well, older), to “of course I’m carrying the appropriate handbag, I’m an adult.”

However, all that being said, I have to admit that I don’t take the measures to ensure that my handbag is always up to snuff that perhaps I should. For instance, right now, I’m carrying a bag that I’ve had for at least a year, and since that’s what I’m writing here you can assume it’s actually been much longer than that.

The thing is that once I buy a bag that I really like, I don’t think about it again until the bag begins to fall into disrepair. STOP JUDGING ME.

At any rate, I’m beginning to ponder the possibility of having more than one daytime bag in rotation at a time, thereby keeping my beloved satchels in better condition for longer periods of time, and avoiding inadvertently giving off the impression that…um, that I never buy new handbags.

What about you?

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    • Eileen

      I’m like you on this one, as long as you don’t count the clutches that get used a few times a year when I’m going out somewhere classy. I like having a bag I like, and I absolutely hate reaching into my bag and realizing I don’t have any lip balm. Or my keys.

    • Ally

      I sometimes carry different sized bags in one week: small day bag, larger day bag, overnight bag, etc. And so to stop myself forgetting my keys, or lipbalm or wallet, I keep all my “essentials” in one smaller bag, which I put into whatever handbag I choose :)


    • Taylor

      I have one to match browns and one to match blacks, and then a big black purse for when I need to carry my MacBook with some class. I’m still in college, so most of the time my personal items get kept in the front pocket of my backpack and then switch to a purse when classes are over for the day.

    • Gimmy

      I have a big bowling bag that can hold my books for class, tracksuit for dance and whatever random stuff I feel is necessary for the weekend. I only bought it because the one I’d had for five years previously had actually gone to the big handbag place in the sky; one of the handles was snapped in half and the lining was coming away from the inside.

    • Danielle

      I have one bag I use exclusively for commuting to and from work during the week. I keep my feminine arsenal in there (shoes, tampons, pads, toothbrush, toothpaste etc). The rest of the time I always match my purse to my outfit. My commuter bag takes all the beatings and my nice expensive purses get lightly used and rotated regularly so they’ll last a long time.

    • magda

      For school and just everyday life, I have a bizaar obsession with canvas tote bags. I use them for book bags and other daytime activities. During the day I carry a lot of stuff, giant wallet filled with change and recipts, make up bag, at least a 1 liter waterbottle, a variety of snacks, hand sanatizer, wipes, ect,ect. My bag during the day basically ways like 5lbs and could supply an entire park of moms with toddlers. I get by with this because I live in a beach community that is super casual and most people live in flipflops and shop at Whole Foods/ Trader Joes and do the same. For evening, or going out purposes, I use these vintage oversized clutches that I found at a garage sale. One is tan leather with a gold clasp, the other one is just plain black. I use the black one more. They’re roughly the size of a piece of paper. And really, when I go out, all I need is space for my (minimal make up), a pack of gum, money and ID, all of which fit in there nicely.

    • ssfamily

      I’ve just been using one special bag since October when my Soldier deployed back to Iraq for his third tour. It is a custom made purse made from the uniforms he wore on his second tour of Iraq. It has a special name label “Army Mom”