The Most Ridiculous Outfits From Perez Hilton’s Birthday Party

Perez Hilton had a birthday. The theme was “blue balls.” People who are known to show up to things showed up. All the women were required to crook their left arms in order to be admitted. These are the facts. The rest we have extrapolated.

All of these photos are credited to

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    • Jennifer Wright

      Are you being sincere about Bridget? Because really, I do feel that way about her. She’s just so grateful all this happened to her, and it makes me love her.

    • magda

      Why is everyone, with the exception of JoJo, wearing blue? Is there a theme I missed here? And really Ms Selena Gomez? Whats with the “wannabe” alien outfit?

    • Hall

      I don’t understand why everyone is hating on Selena. She’s just being silly & playing dress up. It’s PEREZ HILTON!!!! Why would anyone take it seriously?