Doggie Video: Cute or Disturbing?

This video of a dachshund getting caught in the sleeve of a sweatshirt started out as the daily adorbs, but it slowly deteriorated into something else…something slightly disconcerting.

Because as the gentleman in this home video struggles to get the tiny pup out of the sweatshirt — a task that was clearly built for two — his ladyfriend stands there giggling and videotaping the whole thing, while saying things like, “He’s probably choking to death! Haha.”

So, you tell me:

[via The Daily Wha.t]

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    • jill

      Hmm. KInda disconcerting because there are moments that the dog looks really scared.. but then he is wagging is tail, so I don’t know. At any rate, stuck dog or no stuck dog, the girlfriend sounds like an idiot… “oh, I heard him whining earlier”. Really? Idiot.

    • Caro

      well…i mean someone has to hold the camera, right?

    • ALS

      I think it’s awful that that happened to the dog. They should have doggie proofed their home more. I have to say that he does look adorable stuck in the sweatshirt, but I feel really bad for him.

      • ALS

        And the girlfriend sounds like a dumbass.

    • sara

      I think she’s unwittingly using hyperbole in saying “He’s probably choking to death.” The dog isn’t hurt, whimpering, giving off anything other than ‘helpless dog’ vibes, and that’s why they can laugh about it. (And that makes it okay, and something you’d tell your friends about if it were you– because your dog isn’t dying. If the dog were dying, these people (and you) would *probably* get a pair of freaking scissors and cut the sweater!) Lighten up. Poor doggie.

    • Christina

      Dachshund’s were breed to hunt badgers, hence the long narrow body perfect for getting into their dens. It’s an instinct for them to dig and burrow into narrow spaces. A family friend has two and they have cloth tubes/sleeves for their dogs to play in. It’s not hurting the dog, it’s a puppy just doing what it was breed to do.