Poll: Would You Want Your Spouse to Wear a Wedding Band?

In breaking Will/Kate news, CNN reports that Prince William will not wear a wedding band after he gets married, but Kate Middleton will, “in accordance with the couple’s wishes.”

At first, shock.

But then, realization…

It’s not like anyone in the entire world doesn’t know that Prince William will be married. No big secret there. So in terms of being transparent about his relationship status, it’s kind of a moot point.

On the other hand, it seems so…nontraditional. And for a royal, breaking tradition is unexpected. So, there’s that. But also, I suppose my hackles go up a bit in the same way that they go up about women wearing engagement rings and men not wearing them. One party is publicly spoken for, the other isn’t…it’s a fairly outdated concept.

At any rate, at the end of the day Will and Kate should do whatever Will and Kate want to do. But I’m curious, is this something you would consider doing?

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    • Lauren

      Neither of my parents wear their wedding rings. They have been married for about 40 years and in my 26 years of life I have never seen either of their wedding bands. Upon investigation, I found out that my dad’s wedding band was lost and they never bothered to get a new one. No reason why my mother doesn’t wear hers. This has always bothered me. I think it bothers me more because I’m about 90% sure that my dad cheats on my mother (and I think this not because he doesn’t where a wedding band, many other reasons)

      If I get married, and my husband’s wedding band is lost, we will be getting a new one. If he is going to cheat on me, I at least want him to have to put the effort of hiding his wedding band.

    • cnm

      My parents don’t wear wedding bands. My dad doesn’t wear his because he, uh, gained weight since their marriage and he’s never bother to get the ring resized. My mom’s original wedding band was lost and then replaced but she doesn’t wear it. She says it’s because she works with her hands (she’s an MD) and it would get in the way. My parents have been married 39 years and they seem to be doing just fine. No accusations or suspicions of infidelity or anything.

    • andrea dunlop

      British men don’t wear them. Some younger men over there wear bands but it’s they who are breaking with tradition by doing so, not Wills.

    • Jamie B

      I used to be pretty adamant about having my husband wear his. So all the other girls could see he was mine, ya know. But now that we’re in the real world, he often can’t wear it to work (hazard and/or easy to lose it) and mine often ends up staying in the bowl above the kitchen sink. So it’s just not that big of a deal for us.

    • Eileen

      Men in general (not just British ones) historically haven’t worn wedding rings – when we did the “wedding project” in health class senior year of high school, one of the “pre-marital questions” we had to answer was “Will it be a double-ring ceremony?” Now, granted, the worksheet probably hadn’t been updated since about 1970, but that just proves that the idea of a man wearing a wedding ring is relatively recent.

      That having been said, I would want my husband to wear a wedding ring if I was going to wear one (and I’d want to wear one) unless he had a job that might make it dangerous (mechanic, for example – or a friend of mine is a nurse and says that while plain wedding bands are permitted, they are discouraged). Not wearing one wouldn’t make him any less married, but I’ve always liked the look of a wedding ring on a man’s hand (weird, perhaps, but I get – platonically – mushy for men who love their wives) and would enjoy being the reason for one.

    • Kelly

      I would definitely want my husband to wear one! Obviously there are situations where it would be best not to (like the aforementioned mechanic) but in general I would want him to wear it. If I were marrying Prince William I think it would mostly be an annoyance (because everyone in the whole world already knows he’s married), but if I’m just marrying Average Joe it would be a bigger deal. Not that I think he would cheat on me (hopefully I wouldn’t marry someone who I thought this of, and plus even if he had one he could just take it off to cheat on me) but it just seems like an important symbol to me.

      Eileen – I love seeing guys with wedding rings, too! It’s not like it’s a rare occurrence, but every time I happen to notice a man’s wedding ring, my cold, black heart warms up a little.

    • steph

      I’m dealing with this right now with my fiancé. He doesn’t want to wear one but I would like him to. I mean, whenever I take off my ring even for a little bit, or it’s in my pocket, and he sees me without it, he gets upset that I don’t have it on. If I have to wear a ring (not that I don’t want to), why can’t he? His job isn’t exactly one where it could get lost easily (he’s an accountant), so it wouldn’t be too much trouble.