Candice Swanepoel Responds to ‘Alarming’ Weight Loss Concerns

22-year-old South African Victoria’s Secret Angel wants you to know she’s fine, despite the controversy swirling around those photos from yesterday.

“I am healthy and happy,” Swanepoel told the Daily News through her rep. “I’m heartened to know how much everyone cares about me, but in this case everything is normal and good.”

So. There.

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    • Hannah Beth

      This makes me sad. Candace had an incredibly beautiful body when it was healthier in size and muscle mass. I don’t have anything against super skinny girls, but this doesn’t seem to suit her, of seem natural. They are all beautiful, of course.

    • Futuralon

      Clearly some girls are slim naturally (you get the hand you’re dealt) but bony models do sometimes make me think “damn she looks frail and week. She wouldn’t last ten minutes doing physical work of any kind.”
      The rest of the time I just feel fat.
      But truly, consider: fragile, nonmuscular women seen in entertainment today send a message that strong, work-ready womens bodies are of no consequence. Strong bodies are for men only, but slimmer men are okay because they are probably intellectuals.
      Some celebrity women are muscular in places but to anyone who has ever done physical labor its clearly for show only. 1200 calorie Jennifer Aniston regimes don’t cut it if you have to walk all day or move heavy objects. Swimmers have great arms and backs, right, and dancers have excellent leg and core strength. Smooth and lean model types are built for what, standing there, out of the wind?

    • Doris Carlson

      This is sad, there should be some responsible people in the industry, if they choose not to reach out to her that in itself is not a human response, but to actually keep her working at this weight is irresponsible on a humane level. I will go a step further in saying that posting photos of this is truly sad-i know we are responsible for ourselves and our choices, but this somehow condones it when they continue to have her work-be her friend instead and help her-do an intervention, help her.

    • jill

      Blah, blah, blah.
      It’s totally fucked up.

    • Jayme

      Omg really, please get help.