Candice Swanepoel’s ‘Alarming Weight Loss’

This is a photo of Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio. They are all Victoria’s Secret Angels, historically the realm of buxom, curvaceous (and cheesy) specimens of female beauty. Candice has been doing a lot of high fashion work lately, like the Italian Vogue cover and walking for Givenchy, Viktor & Rolf and Dior this season.

(via the Daily Mail)

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    • OMG

      I hope she doesn’t actually get lingerie and swimsuit work with that figure – she looks ill! Lingerie and swimsuit modeling is the one area where the women actually have enviable figures – your catty “cheesey” comment aside.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        You must have thought I meant “cheesy” in its secondary (more colloquial) meaning: “cheap or inauthentic.” I was actually using its primary definition: “like cheese in taste, smell or consistency.”

    • jordan

      Love the way you express yourself, Ashley!!!

    • Sheena

      I think it just happens to be an odd angle that singles her out for looking sickly. If you look here at the collection of photos, all 3 of the girls are the same size:

      • Sheena

        Which I still find disgusting by the way.

    • ALS

      I think all 3 of them are too skinny.

    • Ally

      Gaahhh!!!??? :/

    • Patricia

      WTF?! Seriously, if this is the definition of sexy, I’d rather be very very unsexy, thank you very much. For the love of god and all his cherubs, someone please force a pizza down this woman’s throat. This is sick.

      • Cara


      • Jade

        Good to see there’s always someone ready to fly the flag for hatred against very thin women/ women who suffer from eating disorders. You must really be the perfect example of mental health.

    • Robert
      Have you try Dikka nut yet ? great for weight loss, these girls are slim

    • Hoerny Toad

      I think Candice is very sexy. She is GGGG_G_G_G_reat!!!

    • JJ

      1. When you can drive a truck between your legs whilst your knees are together, you’re too thin.

      2. When your elbows hide your waist, you’re too thin.

      3. When your breasts are camouflaged by your wrists, you’re too thin.

      Not being critical, only an observation…

    • Lakyn

      Why do we care about other people’s bodies so much anyway? So what if YOU think she’s too skinny? Maybe this isn’t your definition of sexy, but if she’s happy with herself then more power to her, because that’s a lot more than a lot of people can say about themselves.

    • fnc

      I saw just the goodies of Candice Swanepoel, nude boobs, ass and nipples in her hottest photos around the web:


    • SadlyExperienced

      I pray this lady can figure out what is causing this weight loss. We can’t ASSUME automatically, though, that it is Anorexia. My own body started turning on me after an accident at work, when the meds started gut spasms, so I began losing weight at an alarming rate, until I dropped down to 93 lbs. My doctor watched the whole thing, and was unsure what to do because I do not fall into the typical “Anorexic” spectrum. I don’t see myself as heavy… but By that time, yes, I was afraid to eat because of the pain. It is likely this lady is suffering from Anorexia, yes…. but it could well be physical as well. Just sayin’.