Friday Style Icon: The Ladies of ‘A League Of Their Own’

Last week Jennifer and I were figuring out some upcoming Friday Style Icons because I didn’t want every week to be about mining ’90s movies I liked as a child. And we immediately concluded, Let’s do A League of Their Own! Unfortunately, A League of Their Own is the opposite of what we were trying to do. So I did a gallery of awesome Chloe Sevigny looks. This week, as we were compiling stuff for our tribute to the ladysports classics, intrepid intern Jill was like, “Just like Nylon!” and we were like, “WHAA?” Then she broke our fucking hearts by showing us a spread in this month’s Nylon about makeup inspired by A League of Their Own. Since we’d already gotten a bunch of images together, we were like, fuck it, it’s okay, people can accept that two separate entities arrived at the same obscure idea independently. Right? Right?

Oh, come on. We could have just done Tank Girl.



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    • Lauren

      Ahh one of my favorites.

      And the line my sister and I recite to each other weekly for absolutely no reason:

      “Does anyone have any extra hose?” said in a mid-western accent.

    • Nessy

      “There’s no crying in baseball!”

    • Faith

      I wouldn’t call those fashion choices anything more than vaguely inspired by the film. I see where you’re going with it, but a lot of them are more rockabilly than WWII.