• Fri, Apr 1 2011

Gallery: Historical Fashion Trends Dying For A Comeback

With the exception of the late, great Alexander McQueen, few designers look further back than the 20th century for inspiration each season – BORING! Come on people, we have literally thousands of years of fashion and trends to recycle. Take a look at these dead trends are in desperate need of a comeback.

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  • Ellen W.

    I’d like to point out that Image #4 is totally “long hair on men done right”. Which, by the way, is the historical trend I’d like to see come back. That and Victorian shoes. Kitten heels I can walk in!

  • anna

    This is delightful. Bustles: agree.

  • Kate

    The conical “princess” hats were indeed real. That hat is called a hennin, and the style of dress is called Burgundian. If you want to dress that way nowadays, you can always join the Society for Creative Anachronism :) http://www.sca.org

  • http://bigapplepants.com sarahnoid

    I imagine bustles would also be very handy at filtering the silent but deadlies….

  • Odbery

    Funny thing about togas, only two types of people could legally wear them: free men, and female prostitutes.

  • Jenni

    Your slideshows rock, but having to load a page per image is really annoying, and time-consuming.

  • oja

    Yes,yes,yes to everything on this list.
    Then I could live out my childhood dream of dressing like Marie Antionette every day without people thinking I was crazy

  • Emma

    The “conical princess hat” is also referred to as a “hennin.” The more you know!

  • August S.

    Unfortunately, the modern interruption of the bustle lacks the charm of the original, but it gets full marks for artificiality! Ladies and gentleman, may I present… BootyPop ( http://bit.ly/1NSuqc )
    Now you too can get that sexy ” double ass tumor” look all the guys go crazy for!

  • Candi

    Not to rain on the awesome parade, but togas would have weighed a lot! and they were made with 100% wool. Most accounts about them are about how the men couldn’t wait to get home to take it off because of the weight and discomfort.

  • Sartorial Nerd

    The bit about bustles made me snarf tea. Tea: Delicious. Tea coming out of nose: Horrific. I was Marie Antoinette for Halloween last year and you have no idea how much I would love to prance around in a big ass wig all day long. The highlight of making that costume was decorating my wig with feathers and flowers and assorted giant faux gemstones. Loved it. I would dress like that every day if I could.

    Sartorial Nerd