Poll: Have You Ever Asked Someone Out?

Some women — maybe not you, but some women — feel as though in every situation, it is the man’s job to ask out the woman. Other women will adamantly insist that they believe in gender equality, but behind the veil of several mimosas will admit that they would, in practice, never dream of asking someone out, whether because they once read “The Rules” or because they lack the balls.

Still others will say that each gender should do the asking, and will then put their money where their mouth is and do it.

Where do you fall?

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    • Eileen

      Whoops, typo. “Exhilarating.” But I don’t see what the big deal is. I’ve asked men out. Usually, if we’re at the point where I want to ask them out, they say yes. I’ve gotten an occasional “busy” that, loosely translated, probably meant “I’m not interested in going out with you,” but it’s not a big deal. Win some, lose some.

    • Corissia

      The first time I ever asked someone out I was 14, shy and terrified that all social interactions would cause people to reject me. I wanted to be brave and decided it was stupid to wait around for some guy. He said no, but instead of being crushed I walked away with pride. I’ll never again be afraid to ask for something I want and even today I look back to that moment as the first day I fought for myself. The last time was my husband, although I already knew what he would say.