Poll: What’s the Biggest Lie You Tell?

Here at The Gloss, none of us have anything to hide, what with our spotless reputations, impeccable decision-making skills and fine coordination when inebriated.

And you are all, no doubt, in the same boat.

But if there’s a little white lie that you routinely tell — to save someone else’s feelings, of course — what is it?

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    • langer

      other, “some of the above”: a), c), d), e), f), g), h).

    • G

      I rarely lie about myself… But do you know what I do lie about?

      I lie 90% of the time to girl friends about the guys they are dating. As in, “Maybe he called you and it just didn’t go through…” “It’s hard for him because he really needs to focus on (work, family, etc) but he definitely sees a future with you.” and so on and so forth. I used to tell the truth, aka, “Look, I’m pretty sure you’re not his type.” or “I’m pretty sure he just wanted to sleep with you.” or, more politely, “Don’t you think you’re acting a bit needy? Not saying you’re needy, but acting it..?” but that ruined quite a few friendships so I gave up.
      This subject totally deserves a post — for girls and guys.

    • K

      I agree with G. I have a friend like that. She calls me everyday to talk about her man, and she’ll ask me several times per conversation, if I think he will call her. It’s insecurity at its extreme and I’m tired of giving honest advice because all she wants is reassurance. So I lie, and reassure her.

    • B

      How much I masturbate.

      • Magda

        I’m suprised this wasn’t already an option. Most women lie about masturbation. Many will never even admit to having rubbed one out before, let a lone the frequency.

    • sars

      that i don’t mind.

    • rachel

      i am having an affair with a married man

    • Lisa

      People assume that I was born in a certain other country and get very excited about it. I play along.