• Mon, Apr 4 2011

Party Favors: Famous People Continuing To Date Famous People

These two are apparently a thing. -Betty Confidential

Gross: what is an “emotional tampon”? The answer, and ten signs you may be one, here. -The Frisky

Covetable non-toxic beauty by Bite debuting at Sephora. -Poshglam

Oh please, oh please! Erden to be the next H&M collaboration? -Vogue UK

If you want to get really, really stressed out: here are clips from Charlie Sheen’s trainwreck tour. -NYMag

Kim Kardashian removes most of her clothes for Cosmopolitan. -Daily Mail

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  • http://bigapplepants.com sarahnoid

    Kim Kardashian getting naked again? Surely you jest.