Real Talk: Men Share THEIR Worst Dates

One of my male friends pointed out that I only got female takes on bad dates. I conceded that men might have feelings and experiences, too. So, here are some of their worst dates ever.

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    • Eileen

      I can’t decide if Peter wins…or loses because he caved.

      • porkchop

        I know! That’s why she asked, because she could spot a sucker.

    • Baker Girl

      Greg … Oh My God! That is just … WOW!!!!! How did you get though that???? But, so smart to get off the T early. By the way, the only good thing about that story is that its in Boston :)

    • JLee

      I don’t blame her for leaving, I also have no plans to engage in intercourse with a Republican.

      • Eileen

        As long as he wasn’t threatening her, she should have either finished out the date or said to his face, “I really can’t continue this; let’s get the cheque and some boxes and leave, or if you want to stay I’ll pay for my half of the bill.” Going to the bathroom and not coming back is rude and childish. I’ve had some pretty awful dates in my time, but I always either finish them or let the guy know that I really can’t bring myself to.

    • Amy

      Greg: I live in Boston and OKCupid has yielded nothing but weird propositions and awkward emails. Now I know it’s not just me!

    • gdog

      I love how absolutely more awful the guys worst dates slide show is than the females’, I am ashamed at the craziness of my gender.

      • Kim

        A few strange/rude women and we’re all in the Caution! bracket?

    • jolieme


    • Ben

      I think both sexes can be a little cray-cray, it seems.