• Tue, Apr 5 2011

Video: Tanning Is Her Everything

“Tanning is my everything because it makes me really happy. Whenever I’m sad or upset going tanning just makes me perk right up.”

On one hand, I hear these reports and think “these people are nuts” but then I always have a moment where I wish I had something that could make me instantaneously happy. Something weird. Please help me come up with things, things that will preferably not turn me orange.

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  • Quin

    Watching Dr Horrible makes me happier! Yeah, I’m kind of weird.

    • Holly

      Watching Dr. Horrible does not make you weird. Watching Dr. Horrible makes you awesome! :D

  • Carrie

    mini eggs

  • Taylor

    I use SPF 100.

  • Isabel

    dave chapelle

  • Fatwetdog

    That video of a baby bear playing ear-grab with a baby tiger does it for me.

  • Danielle

    Yoga always does it for me.

  • Lisa

    Maybe she has SAD and needs light?