Do You Think These Looks Are Work Appropriate?

According to Business Insider, the aim of this Harvard Business School fashion show was looks that are “equally appropriate for the dance floor and the trading floor.” I guess this works with the dudes, because hoodies are in this year on the trading floor? Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg! However, I’m pretty sure the only way trading plays into the outfit 30 seconds in is “she’s trading jello shots for money” (they are, admittedly, a valuable commodity).

But then, some people think it’s odd that I wear a little Scientology suit and a gas-mask to the office every day (it says I’m prepared) so, perhaps I’m a bad judge of everything.

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    • missy

      What in the…?! I think I just saw an asscheek.

      This is why all of my interns think legging are pants and tunics are dresses.

    • Jess

      I’m actually embarrassed to call many of these “ladies” my peers. Provocative outfits have no place on the trading floor. And honestly, after a certain age, many of them are pathetic on the dance floor as well. Yes, I mean you, Ms. 30-Seconds.

    • Daniela

      Wait, so formal gowns are ‘the look’ on the trading floors this year?
      And what was up with all of those checked shirts on the guys? That was just…I don’t even have words for what it was. It was just ‘…’

    • Sara

      Agreed, Missy!

      This reminds me of this blog post that has forever haunted me. Scroll down to the outfits. This person has clearly never worked in an actual office for a actual company. Which is awesome! But, don’t advise young professionals about it. Career ruiner!:

      • Shanna