Gallery: Things Men Say That You Should Believe

Oh, men. So simple…so straightforward. And yet so many of us like to think that when they say things like, “it’s over,” what they mean is, “it’s over, unless you can convince me otherwise.”

I wish that this was just a cruel cliche, but I’ve known too many women of all ages (myself included) who, upon hearing certain words come out of men’s mouths, twist them and turn them until they become something different, something new, something bursting with rainbows and possibility!

But generally, it behooves both parties in any relationship to take their partners’ statements at face value. Besides, if someone is deliberately saying things they don’t mean, that’s called “manipulation,” and that’s a whole other gallery. So here are some things that if you hear from the lips of a man (or a woman, for that matter), you should accept:

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    • Hannah Beth

      Very true. While he doesn’t think he has a problem, his expensive, damaging, unhealthy, illegal habit is kind of your business if you’re in a relationship with him. Coaxing to rehab? Maybe not. But convincing him of his problem? Go for it.

    • Lauren

      I think there is one missing…”I’m kind of an ass.”

    • The other Lauren

      #3 relies on the assumption that YOU (or, um, “your purposes”?) would want to marry HIM…if not, then it really doesn’t matter.

      Also, the original Lauren is right…if he says he an asshole, BELIEVE HIM!

      • porkchop

        yes! Of course, you can see if a guy is an a**hole from a mile away, but for some reason, they feel like saying out loud gives them license to act it out all the time with no apologies because “you were warned.” Yeah. Definitely believe that.