Gallery: ‘The Smear’ And Other Counter-Intuitive Celebrity Fashion Choices

Some famous people today (not Lindsay Lohan) are known for their superb acting skills. Others, like Beyoncé, are famous for some seriously powerful vocal chords. Others, like Megan Fox, are known for being hot, having big lips and marrying strange men (Welcome back to the world, David Austen Green). But when it comes to fashion there is a long history of actors and actresses who are known for one particular trait or fashion choice. And every once in awhile, a celebrity becomes known for something that would be embarrassing on most normal size humans.

Joan Crawford, for instance, was known for something called the smear. What’s that you say?  A strange lipstick application that involved rubbing lipstick above and beyond her outer lip line. Joanie hated her thin lips you see, so makeup artist Max Factor created fuller lips by drawing outside her natural lip contours. Or, smearing it on like a kindergartener. Known to him as “the smear” and to the public as “Hunter’s Bow Lips,” these clown lips became a part of her trademark look. Let’s take a look at some other counter intuitive fashion choices that celebs are making these days, shall we?

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