Photoshop of Horrors: ‘Elle’ Denmark’s Giraffe Fail

This one took me a second or two and then I couldn’t unsee it. I know long necks are elegant but this is just absurd. (via PSD)

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    • Goldie


    • Lindsay Cross

      I would like to say that I was showing this picture to my husband. His response, “Ugh! She looks like an alien.” As the words were coming out of his lips, our three year old walked over, pointed to the human giraffe and said, “Her?”

      It’s so bad, even a toddler can tell.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Funny and disappointing equally.

    • Kristal

      It looks like the top of her neck is halfway off the bottom of her neck O_o

    • Jonathan
      witch I find it way more intriguing/interesting than a plain naturalistic/realistic/boring image