Prom Themes From Hell

Because we’re sick of “made for each other” or “under the sea” or whatever other dumb, stupid prom themes they came up with in Never Been Kissed. Here are some prom themes that TheGloss staff thinks offer something different.

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    • oja

      If my senior prom had had one of these themes, I migh have gone to it.

    • Venus in Furs

      Isn’t “Teen Mom” the unspoken theme of every prom?

    • Magda

      Yeah. Prom themes are so generic and bland. I think the theme for my prom was “Oscar Party” or something lame like that, made lamer mostly because we live in LA. So its not like a “hollywood” theme is something special or exotic. And the venue was kind of lame.

    • G

      I wouldve gone to an apocolyptic prom. that wouldve been sweet…especially if they flooded the gym in the end.

    • M

      I don’t even really remember what my prom theme was, something hokey about a night to remember or something like that. But I went anyway, despite the fact that I didn’t even enroll for what would have been my senior year [I went with a group of friends] because it was at The Tech Museum in San Jose. It’s exactly what it sounds like. And they had ALL the exhibits open. So we pretty much just ran around in our dresses and played with all the toys without all the little kids underfoot like anytime someone usually goes there and never even got close to the dance floor. Cliche theme be damned, IT WAS AWESOME.

      [..And afterwards my best friend and I went to Walgreen's and bought coloring books.]

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