Would You Wear: Toy-Covered Shoes?

It’s either about embracing your youth,or else walking through a pile of your kids toys with glue covered soles…. I have no idea which. – Dare to Wear

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    • Sheena

      Maybe its because the shoe looks like its being held together with elastics, but no those are uhhhgly. Perhaps toys stuck to another type of shoe would look better? Hrph. Usually I like odd shoes.

    • Nicole

      Maybe if it was executed better but as it is above? HELL NO! Haha.

    • Claire

      The way the rest of the shoe is quite unstable as it looks but the idea of toys on your shoes seems pretty funky to me, its unique and playful. And if i had the money and the opportunity id certainly buy a pair. but as far as the picture goes i think the rest of the shoe looks like it would break.

    • Mario

      Get with the times, women, those are sexy

    • lucygoosey74

      Yes. yes and yes. At least once, with pride, all over town!