Beauty Treatments of the Damned: Joan Rivers Washes Herself, Clothes In Vodka

Okay, here’s a weird beauty tip. Joan Rivers has a recipe for DIY deodorant involving the preferred flavorless spirit of college kids and Charlie Sheens everywhere:

I always spray my costumes with vodka and water. It’s an old Broadway trick — two-thirds water and one-third vodka, spray your armpits and you’ll never smell again.

I guess that’s one way of avoiding all that terrifying aluminum, but won’t you just trade smelling unclean for smelling like a drunk?

[Ed. Note: I asked Jennifer if I should categorize this post under Beauty Treatments of the Damned and she replied without hesitating, “Yeah. I think Joan Rivers is the definition of a beauty treatment of the damned.”

(via Page 6)


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    • rosie

      The quote’s unclear- I’m pretty sure she means that she sprays the armpits of her clothes, not her actual armpits… that’s standard with costumes. So it’s not in place of deodorant, it’s in place of Febreze, and it absolutely works!

    • Lindsey

      Actually, sweat doesn’t smell, it’s the bacteria in your armpits. So if you clean your armpits with those acne-acid pad things your pits smell less unpleasant. Or vodka. Whichever.

    • Shae

      Agree with Rosie – vodka mixed with water is the way to treat costumes during a production. A lot of costumes have special cleaning requirements, and when they get gross and sweaty, there is no practical way of getting them to and from the drycleaner’s. The bonus to vodka and water is that it’s odorless – Febreeze, when used in a tight space (like a dressing room or backstage area) can get too perfumey.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I had no idea about any of this. It’s funny, though, because theater actors I know growing up ALL smelled like Febreeze. I should share with them this vodka method.

    • jolieme

      Spilling vodka all over yourself and everybody else-does that count?.”I’m just trying to make you smell nice!!!.