Would You Wear Yellow Eyeshadow?

Cosmopolitan Magazine (print) claims they have “yellow fever”. Since yellow fever is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes, I thought “gee, that’s really awful”. I was worried the entire Cosmo staff was going to lapse into delirium and then, a coma, but then I realized they just like Rachel McAdams’ yellow eyeshadow. And then I wished it had just been regular old yellow fever, because I think it looks as though Rachel McAdams has smeared pollen all over her upper eyelid. That said, normally I make fun of trends like this and end up trying them about three weeks later and loving them. How do you feel? Love it? Hate it?

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    • Lisa

      It’s like highlighter on the eyes! Also, when I first saw the picture, I thought of the “lemon aid” eye brightening pale yellow stuff that Benefit sells, for getting rid of… blue under the skid, I think. And that is a functional use of yellow near the eyes. But my final verdict is: sorry, just doesn’t go with my skin tone.

    • breezy

      It works for an unexpected pop of color on a night out, not so much for Tuesday afternoon at the office. It looked pretty sexy when I was a bumblebee for Halloween though… tied the whole outfit together!

    • Eileen

      I think it would look really pretty on a darker-skinned woman – an Indian or African-American woman could look gorgeous with yellow eyeshadow. But this is probably a trend that most white women should sit out. It looks pretty dumb on Rachel McAdams.

    • Kate

      you would really have to get the colour right, anything less than bright might just look like you were punched in the eye sockets a few weeks ago and the bruises were starting to age.

    • Karen

      I WON an Allure contest in February. And POP yellow eyeshadow was my prize. I have no intenetion of using it, thus giving more power to the saying, “you couldn’t give them away.”

    • Dove

      I think it’s easier for women with some color to work this particular color. I think very white skin can make it work, but only in the yellow-extremes: i.e. a pale pale almost white shimmer or a very vibrant electric. I think it looks most beautiful on very dark skin though.

      I truly, TRULY hate red eyeshadow though. I’ve never seen it look good once, regardless of the editorial spread or ethnicicty of the model.

    • Odbery

      It can look good as an accent colour, with corals, greens and purples, but by itself? It’s silly looking.

    • missy

      she isn’t pulling it off, but i rocked yellow eyeshadow all through high school…it wasn’t high lighter yellow like this, but I managed to make it work.

    • katie

      i use yellow with or under darker brown colors to give them more pop but not by its self since high school

    • Anon

      When done right, it looks awesome. But it has to be with complementary colours, a dark brown liner on the lower lid would help give the poor woman some definition. It works nicely with tropical blue too. Not exactly a day look though. I wore MAC yellow eyeshadow with black cat-eye liner on a night out a few weeks ago and got a few compliments. Not for those who aren’t make-up savvy though.