Vote For The All-Time Best Prom Dress

There are a lot of bad prom dresses out there, but there are also some great ones – or at least really memorable ones, if you’re the kind of person who likes watching prom movies. We are the kind of people who like watching them over and over again on a wonderful loop. Vote for the best!

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    • Magda

      The dress from Pretty In Pink was waaaaaaay nicer before she butchered it. Just saying.

      • Cynthia


    • oja

      “Okay, I haven’t seen this movie, but he’s a vampire, yes? Why is it daylight out as they’re rolling into prom? I am confused”
      Because if he had any of the traditional vampiric limitations it would have been more like a well written story and less like a wad of self-indulgent shit.
      It also would have been a story about vampires, and not a girly fantasy about a perfect boyfriend, and who wants that?

    • Michelle

      The dress that Kathrine Heigl wore in Grey’s Anatomy season 2 finale is beautiful!