Would You Wear: A Watch Collar

Tommy Ton has an amazing eye for detail and it’s easy to get over-stimulated staring at photo after photo of fantastical suede purple heels or butterfly-shaped sunglasses or clashing prints somehow expertly paired. However, this one stopped me in my tracks: it’s a watch fastened to a shirt collar and worn like some kind of avant garde bolo tie (as you can see). I’m not sure if I like it, but it sure is striking and it’s exactly the kind of odd little detail that street style photogs go nuts for.

So. Do you like the idea? Or do you just like it on someone else?

(Photo via Jak & Jil)

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Well… it kind of negates the purpose of being a watch. I mean, you can’t see what time it is if it’s under your chin. I realize that most fashion isn’t useful and I”m pretty sure that you and Jen have had that argument before. But a watch is one of the few utilitarian pieces of fashion out there. It kinda bugs me that it’s not even going to have a function. Unless of course you want people to be counting the seconds while you’re talking… but that doesn’t seem very helpful either.

    • Laura

      I love it! Little details like these are what I love about fashion.