Poll: Do You Skip Monthly Periods?

It’s now become fairly common knowledge, courtesy of birth control pills like Seasonique, that women can skip monthly periods and be physically fine. This bodes well for those of us who might be running the risk of getting our periods on our honeymoons, or during already-scheduled camping trips, or when we had gotten excited about a particular pair of white pants.

And while I completely get why some women are stoked to rid themselves of their monthly visitor, I have to say that it’s not a trend I’ve been able to enjoy. My hesitation might be because I don’t have a particularly heavy flow (overshare day), or because I get period-related migraines and I’m afraid that skipping a cycle would result in some new kind of new, horrific brain pain that I don’t even know about, or because I imagine uterine lining building up in there, which I’m sure is not medically accurate, but still.

Anyway, what about you?

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    • Allie

      ehm I’m paranoid about getting preggers, and sometimes convince myself that I can still get pregnant on the pill and decide that I need it JUST TO BE SURE.

      related: I am super neurotic

      • Dana


    • Dove

      I have heeeeinous cramps and endometriosis (which often causes pain w/periods) so I take 3 packs before a break. I used to be on Seasonale but it just wasn’t a good fit for me, so I just take regular pills straight through.
      I haven’t had a ‘monthly’ since I was 18.

      • Ellen W.

        My doctor recommends this for women with endometriosis (I almost wrote “people with…” Ha!). It makes the periods you do have much easier if you go longer between them. My experience backs this up.

    • Eileen

      I don’t use hormonal birth control at all, primarily out of geeky awe for the human endocrine system, but also because it (sadly) would right now be a waste of money.

    • http://bigapplepants.com sarahnoid

      My Mirena IUD gives me a comma. I get a small twinge and a craving for Taco Bell. That’s it.

    • Ally

      Minipill. 28 the same, no chance for me to skip :(

    • Elle

      My birth control has me skipping at least three periods in a row. In a way, it’s awesome. I never have to worry about going into seclusion or ruining my pants. But it can also induce small panic-storms when I’m not getting that monthly reminder that the birth control is actually working.

      On another note, it is super nice to not be fainting for an entire day, which used to happen on the first day of my period. Without fail. It’s also made the periods I get a lot less pain-y and more manageable.

    • K

      I have a few times for special occasions (going on vacation, etc.), but then the next month the cramps and bleeding are worse.

    • Aj

      I have to take the normal BC pill that gives you monthly periods due to a hormonal disorder that was causing my periods to be completely absent for months at a time. Although I’m glad that I am treating the issue now, I have to admit I do miss the “freedom” of not having to deal with my period (and everything that comes with it) so regularly. If I was of normal health I would most likely prefer the Seasonique type pills.

    • Kerry

      I admit I do this sometimes – although after a few months you do start to think ‘what if i’m pregnant?!’ Periods are gross messy and make you feel ill so why not miss them if you can? Plus I’ve never found it to have any affect on the next period that I do actually have. Birth control is free free free in the UK so there’s no problem with wasting money either!

    • Ashlee

      I’ve been on the depo shot for almost a year. I have randomly spotting for a couple days every few months, but it’s barely even bad enough to need a pad or tampon and hopefully will stop altogether. I’m entirely too trusting of it, so my boyfriend and I don’t use condoms, and I have had a few scares where I forget I’m not supposed to really have a period.

    • meems

      my period is irregular so i can go months(the most was 6 months) without getting my period. its great to not have to deal with the mess BUT i gain a lot of weight when this happens. so i kinda wish that i could have regular periods so my weight doesnt fluctuate all the time!

    • woo

      I recently got an implanon put in (so I am now technically a cyborg, don’t try telling me otherwise!) and it freaks me the hell out that I have had zero bleeding for three months. WHAT THE WHAAAAT? When I get it taken out are my insides going to sluice out my ladybits? I don’t know, but it seems likely.

    • Kella Alessi

      Hi I’m 20 yrs old…. Ever since I started seeing my period I would skip a few months sumtimes I see it 4 times a yr….. My mom told me she had the same problem as a young adult but wen she got sexually active it become regular . I been active for over a yr n I’m still skipping :$ sumtimes I feel sick around midday but end up not being preggo….. I don’t do the pill…. Any advice for me?