Shopping Guide: 19 Bright, Lightweight Cardigans For Spring


I’ve never been to a garden party but I figure, if you were to attend one, you’d need a light, white (maybe eyelet?) dress and a soft, featherweight cardigan. So, for those of you who can handle (maybe even enjoy) direct sunlight, here are some light Spring-appropriate cardigans, perfect for warming weather that hasn’t yet begun to swelter.

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    • Moira

      In whose world is it acceptable to spend $845 on a cardigan? No, this is a serious question.

    • oja

      Silly “the Gloss” XD
      I’m not spending over $100 on a sweater, especially not one that looks like something you could get off the rack a Khols.

    • Megan

      In my world it would be acceptable to spend 845 dollars on a cardigan. If I had 845 dollars, and spending it wouldn’t mean I was putting myself in financial trouble.

      Come on–tell me you’ve never messed around on the BMW site and built your dream car? Never thought “If I only had the money…” and ended that sentence with something completely impractical and luxurious? Never thought, “You know, I’d like a Valentino/Chanel/Prada dress in my closet before I die”?

      It bothers me: It’s not okay to judge someone because of their budget constraints. It’s not okay to look down on someone because of what they can’t afford. But somehow, it’s okay to judge someone who CAN afford. I understand that spending without means isn’t a good thing to do…and yes, I know that the whole “money could go to charity/be put to better use” argument is there. But frankly, if you can afford to buy an 845 dollar cardigan and it’s your cup of tea…well, good for you!