• Tue, Apr 12 2011

Sink Or Swim: Anne Hathaway In Purple Gucci At The ‘Rio’ Premiere

Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com

The way I feel about glasses is comparable to the way many ladies I know feel about guitars: strap them on an ordinary person and that person becomes hotter by an order of magnitude. This goes for men and women. Which is part of the reason I think Anne Hathaway looks pretty great here at the Rio premiere. In addition to that, her Spring 2011 Gucci mini is daring, unusual, extremely detailed and a really great shade of purple up top that sets off her porcelain skin. I also like her unfussy ponytail and amazing shoes (Styleite has a nice close look at those).

But. It’s not a look for everyone. Just how many, I wonder:

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…And wherever possible, I like to show it on the runway. Here Anne’s dress is worn by Chanel Iman (courtesy Style.com of course).

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  • Lindsay Cross

    Are they also wearing the same shoes?

  • Lindsey

    Glasses: does she need them? If not sink. How would people feel if all the cool kids wandered around with oversized, non-functional crutches?

    • Lindsey

      I mean, they’re cute glasses but their stupid if she doesn’t need them.

    • Lindsey


  • Hossnie
  • katie

    i hate the glasses I do not understand this fashion pc. wear contacts dont put giant over sized black chunks on your face with a runway dress

  • Jess

    I’m not feeling the fringe on the dress. And the glasses are too much darkness for her… unless she needs them, then it’s okay.

  • Stephanie Zhao

    :| Not really loving the hair and glasses…

  • Jackie

    Not a fan of the hipster glasses, but otherwise I agree with you.