Vote For The Worst Prom Dress Ever

Yesterday, we celebrated the best. Now we publicly mock the worst.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • niamh


    • Dove

      The thing that tickles me most about these is the pose of the model in the “train dress.” She’s kind of… crouching?

    • Mallory

      Love the name of The Sad Triangles Dress

    • oja

      where were the proms that some of these dresses were worn to?
      idk about any one else but at my highschool we couldn’t wear skirts that went above mid thigh or shirts with spaghetti straps so I can’t see someone being allowed to wear 1, 5, 8, ot 10 to any even taking place in a highschool.

      • Mar

        Agreed! But then we don’t see some of these at a prom so we don’t know if they were even allowed in. Shoot, I was in high school during ’98 – ’02 and my school allwed spaghetti straps but you couldn’t bare too much of your bust/midriff/thighs. If you tried walking in with half your tit hanging out or nothing but a white sheet wrapped around you with no undies you would be sent away.

        But I also want to know…. where are the parents during some of these?! And whatever happened to looking classy? Ugh why does everything have to “sexy” in the trashy sense?

    • Megan

      How could you have possibly omitted:

      A display of pubic hair has got to be on the table for worst prom dress ever.

      • Mar

        Actually it just looks like she’s got a little bit of a pooch and the light’s casting a shadow under it. A very lol questionable looking one at that! Either way that dress is hella tacky to be wearing, well, anywhere.

    • Amanda

      Aw am I the only one who sort of likes the cartoon dress?

      • G

        NO, i thought that was cute lol. as a costume or gimmick of course but still cute lol.

    • adam

      Well actually I really like the white no-underwear one (I’m male – perhaps that explains it). It is hard to judge the worst *dress* because some of the women are attractive and some are not. The last one is the worst but it might because the woman wearing it is fat and pig ugly.

      • oja

        and you’re a stupid and shallow douch bag =)

      • Mar

        And the white no underwear one is on a girl who looks 15, you pedo lol.

        Srsly though I could be offended or I could assume you mean the idea of that dress…hopefully on someone of age. As for the last chic yeah she’s grossly overweight but her face isn’t really that ugly. I’m kinda with you on the looks factor though. If I saw a worst male swimsuit poll and some of the guys were doughy flab while some others were trim and sculpted, I’d be thinking the same thing.

    • jolieme

      Oh my God,where to start,the white no underwear one (you’d be freaked out all night,praying for no gust of wind,there all so freaky.These girl’s friend’s are evil to let them out looking like that.

    • Nessy

      Am I the only one who’s parents wouldn’t have let them out of the house in these?

      • Gail

        I was thinking the same thing. And what school would allow then in?

    • Sunshine

      I love the cartoon dress! I can’t decide on the worst though..

    • Nicole

      OMGAH. The Pregnant Dress & Stripe Dress are the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CJ

      I would tie my daughter to a chair before i’d let her go anywhere in any of these horrible dresses! The moster dress isn’t that bad..ugly for sure, but not showing every inch of flesh…these dresses are a pedophile’s dream

    • nunyadb

      For the cut-out dress, who is “they” that wears “things that don’t make sense”? I find this sentiment far less tasteful than any of the dresses in the gallery.

      • Venus in Furs

        Yeah. I think the picture and the caption are pretty straight forward. “They” are the women dressed in those god-awful dresses, and “things that don’t make sense” are the god-awful dresses. Hope this helps.

    • Calista

      The pregnant belly with the long Linea nigra line! OMG! Why would anyone want to show that? Unbelievable…..

    • sarahnoid

      I’m pretty sure the raver dress was made out of candy wrappers. I think she should get credit for being crafty.

      • joanntheredhead

        Yep. And the girl in the “Monster Dress” is at least showing a playful sense of humor. She may become, like, a comedienne or something. Unlike some of those other girls who will most likely grow up to become age-inappropriately-dressed, 40-year-old divorcées.

      • Deb

        I agree!!

        Based on the drape of the skirt and hemline, I’m going to guess that the Rave dress is duct tape, which puts it in the Crafty Awesomeness category.

        And the monster dress too — even if it’s not your cup of tea, come ON! She made a monster dress! And then she wore it! To her Prom! She gets all kinds of points for that.

        I’m even willing to give it to the pregnant girl. OK, the whole “Look at my belly! LOOK AT IT!” trend is upsetting, mostly because pregnancy is the one time you’re supposed to be able to wear a tent and eat Whoopie Pies in peace but nooooo…

        But in this case, I’m with her: It’s the Prom. The High School Prom. Sticking out your pregnant belly at the High School Prom is FUNNY, it just is! So she’s off the hook.

        OK, the naked girls. This is apparently a thing? Being naked at the prom? The year I went to the prom, we were all wearing hoop skirts and poofy sleeves which, while unattractive, were certainly not dangerous. I would hazard a guess that the number of parking-lot fights at a given prom is directly proportional to the number of naked girls in attendance. Just one woman’s opinion.

        The Train Dress — Is… is that a man? Look at those legs! It looks like the top half is going to the Prom, the bottom half is staking out third base! if that’s a man, we’re at a whooooole different prom.

        So, after great deliberation, I have decided that the worst prom dress ever is…

        This one!

        Make sure to click on the reverse view, don’t want to miss the ever-so-popular butt-ruffle! (Damn, the 80s loved them some butt ruffle!)

    • Venus in Furs

      The Stripes Dress is not a prom dress at all. It is very ugly lingerie. It has to be. It just does. It should be disqualified from this competition immediately so that no one else has to see it.

    • jininjh

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    • jy





    • Amanda

      the “nipple dress” is actually from an article about how to be creative with prom, and that dress is being worn backwards. ITS NOT ACTUALLY SUPPOSE TO BE WORN THAT WAY. The straps covering her nipples are suppose to be covering her back.

    • Marion

      Rave dress disqualified–there are bags of Starburst behind her. This is definitely made of Starburst wrappers and was probably for a “recycled materials” contest.

      I also agree that the last one is not a real prom dress, but lingerie… and the no underwear dress could be for a toga party, not prom, so I’d disqualify those, too. Monster dress is great; whoever nominated that didn’t have a sense of humor, and, I believe I echo others when I say pregnant girl gets props for being hilarious and a great sport, leaving TRAIN DRESS and CUT OUT in a tie for worst (whatever I left out was at least forgettable).