Real Talk: What Was Your Worst Beauty Mishap?

We make a lot of bad beauty decisions everyday, probably because we love smearing lipstick on our mouths mindlessly in random concentric circles. But some? Some rise above the rest like hair on fire.

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    • Tobi

      Donna’s is my favorite.

    • applejuice

      How do you forget your skirt?

    • Danielle

      Wow. No skirt wins.

      I’ve had several beauty disasters. Back in the 80′s it was the thing to have a perm and it was also the thing to go to Fantastic Sams (see where I’m going with this?). End result: I had a big fat uncontrollable fro. I have pictures. They’re scary.

      I also accidentally shaved a chunk of hair off my head. It was right out in front where my bangs were. I had become self conscious about my eyebrows because they are thick and black (think Frida Khalo) so instead of plucking I began shaving in certain spots and I somehow missed my eyebrow and the razor landed on my head. I had to walk around with a very noticeable bald spot for a while.

    • August S.

      Oh, Donna definitely wins. Polly…doesn’t. (Although if your worst beauty mishap is smudged polish, that’s kind of like winning at life.)

    • lo

      Anne, it probably was the mangoes! Some people are just allergic to the sap, and some people are just allergic… I get hives on my lips and inside my mouth :(

    • Lainey

      Ok ladies, I’m Polly and yes I did forget my skirt. I was so rushed to get to work but i wanted to wait until the last minute to put on my skirt because it was so perfect from the dry cleaners. Then I noticed the time and panicked and seriously forgot! Needless to say I wasted an hour having to go back home and get it.

    • SeoulSister

      I shaved my face because of Caroline from Real Housewives of New Jersey saying that she has done it for years. She said it was a great exfoliant…….um…..well… broke my entire face out. Like really bad and I had clear skin! It took like two weeks for my face to recover. I felt so stupid when I realized that I took beauty advice from someone in NEW JERSEY. SMH……..Idk what I was thinking….lol