Poll: Should This Miu Miu Ad Be Banned?

Credit: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

According to The Telegraph, Miu Miu’s Spring 2011 Mert & Marcus-shot campaign featuring Kasia Struss (and Querelle Jansen and Sasha Pivovarova) was cause for complaint among some consumers who felt the Polish top model looked too thin:

Two people complained to the ASA that the model – who is wearing a ‘low-cut, sleeveless dress, which exposed her arms, shoulders and décolletage’ – was ‘significantly underweight’ and that the ad was irresponsible.

However the ruling states: ‘The ASA noted that the model in the ad was slim, and that the lighting effects, make-up and low-cut dress emphasised her body shape. However, we considered that the ad was typical of those used for fashion products and that the model did not look significantly underweight. We therefore concluded that the ad was not irresponsible.’

Doesn’t look too different from most fashion ads, though. What do you think?

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    • Karen

      I really don’t think she looks all that shocking. Now that recent VS shot, yes. That was shocking.

    • Isabel

      Are they kidding? First off, she is obviously slim, but arguably heavier than a lot of models I’ve seen. Second, I know women who look like this, my mother being one of them, and it’s alienating to keep crossing women’s body’s off the list as not looking ‘right’.
      It appears people are whittling this body ideal down from both ends– too heavy and too skinny– into a sliver of a window that is impossible to elbow your way into. Personally, I think Kasia looks beautiful, and there’s so much more about this gorgeous picture to marvel at without getting distracted by her figure.

    • Dove

      Yes she looks alarmingly thin and no it doesn’t look much different from other campaigns. I think it does glamorize her thinness a little more than usual, but still, to single this out is so arbitary.

      • Dove

        Just to clarify, I think she looks alarmingly thin but for anyone to make serious health judgements based on looks is ridiculous, and I’m not trying to say anything about her health.

        I’d also be curious to see the untouched photos from this shoot because in my experience anyone that thin has a way more visible spine and usually visible ribs from the side. I bet they smoothed out some boney-ness.

    • Ellen W.

      I just think she looks like she has no idea what the photogropher is trying to tell her.

    • MelbaToast

      I was looking at the photo first before reading to decide why someone thought it should be banned. I figured it was because of the long, “strategically-placed” buckle in her lap.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Thank you. Now I cannot unsee the dick buckle.

    • gdog

      I think her body isn’t that shocking but her face looks very skeletal. Like an actual skeleton with lipstick. I think this might just be her bone structure/shading of the cheek and under her jaw though. Really doesn’t make me want to buy the bag either way. Maybe they made the complaint themselves just to muster up some interest in their extremely bland print ad.

    • Penelope

      She looks physically sick, bored, and clueless. So yes, no different from any other fashion campaign. Definitely isn’t selling that bag to me, either.