Gallery: How Are You Celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month?

Ladies, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but this month represents the holiest of holy commemorations. That’s right: April is National Grilled Cheese Month. Many of us have been endeavoring to choke down as many grilled cheeses are are humanly possible; grilled cheese, in other words, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s not easy, but someone has to do it. Should you want to join in the ritual, here is some grill-spiration:

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    • Ally

      A toasted macaroni cheese sandwich is ridiculously tempting. My two favourite comfort foods rolled into one.

    • Arnie

      Oh wow. I did not know such a month existed! The toastie is still my standard flatting meal. So versatile and delicious!

      And now I desperately want a toastie.

      It will have avocado, mayo, sambal, salami, mushrooms, and a poached egg, if I’m feeling energetic. Oh, and cheese. Glorious, glorious cheese.

    • Hannah Beth

      There’s a restaurant in my college town called The Grit, for vegetarians and vegans, and they make a (real) grilled cheese “smelt” sandwich that is incredible. Might even be my last meal request at a death sentence.

      • Hannah Beth

        *That is, if I were ever on death row, which I won’t be.

    • Christie

      Pretty sure that’s the Mona Cheesa, not Cheesus

    • ebam

      need better planning before giving up cheese for lent.