• Thu, Apr 14 2011

Poll: Do You Want To Slap The Winklevoss Twins?

Now that the Winklevi have officially lost their case against Facebook, the question I have for you is: do you still want to slap them?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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  • Melissa

    The 6’5 Olympic rowers? Slap them? If by “slap” you mean “fuck”, yes, I would like to slap them. Hard.

  • Dove

    Hahahaha – seriously Melissa! I answered “yes” because I think slapping them each hard might be sexy. That’s about it. Though I’ll take two Armie Hammers over them any day….

  • http://bigapplepants.com sarahnoid

    So long as they didn’t mention the infernal website, I’d happily be the middle in their twin sammich.

  • epilonious

    To be honest, I read the title as “Do you want to /sleep with/ the winklevoss twins”… I think everyone else did too.

    To be fair, I don’t want to sleep with them. They’re lawyer would probably be there.

    • epilonious

      Mmmm. My own delicious grammar fail. s/they’re/their and slap me while you’re at it :D

  • Bianca

    Slap them with my boobies and them make a Winklevoss sandwich.

  • Mariana

    honestly, the movie winklies were hotter