Poll: Mary Tyler Moore Vs. Carrie Bradshaw

Collector’s Weekly has a great piece on Mary Tyler Moore as a style icon. In it they note:

Mary was a gentle woman on the outside, but she had steely inner strength that revealed itself only when she was feeling outraged, or taken advantage of by others. While she was always looking for the right man, she felt confident that she wasn’t going to have to beg or cry for him. Unlike the “Sex and The City” ladies whose No. 1 priority was always finding Mr. Right, no matter how idealistic and impossible it was! For Mary, love would happen when the time was right.

I think it’s interesting to compare the two sitcom heroines. Both Carrie and Mary exemplified the idea of a single career girl in the “big city” (whether it was Minneapolis or NYC) to a generation of young women who wanted to follow in their (high heeled) footsteps. And I’m sure that Carrie Bradshaw getting splashed in her tutu is just as iconic an image to some women of our generation as Mary Richards throwing her beret in the air was to women of our mom’s generation.

I’m not going to insert my personal feelings into this (VOTE MARY! VOTE MTM! LOVE IS ALL AROUND!) I’m just going to put up a little poll on which you relate to more. Okay, I’m going to insert both theme songs, and then I’m going to put up the poll.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Dove

      I grew up watching Mary Tyler Moore on Nick at Nite and was absolutely inspired by her… I don’t think Carrie would inspire many girls beyond wanting to be wealthy in NYC.

      I like SATC; But it ain’t no MTMS.

    • Meg


    • Kristen

      I don’t really like defending the characters on Sex and the City, but to be fair, I certainly don’t think their number one priority was finding Mr. Right at all costs. In fact, though it was often poorly executed and exaggerated to the point of turning the ladies into self-involved assholes, I feel like the message of the show was actually the OPPOSITE of that. Only Charlotte was desperate for Mr. Right, and they all thought she was terribly old-fashioned and probably secretly gloated when her “perfect” marriage turned out to be a disaster. (For the record, I’m referring only to the series here, not the movies.)

      Anyway, I would still never-ever-ever vote for Carrie–I HATE HER–but I’m just saying.

    • Eileen

      I relate to the non-Carrie characters on SATC. Can they be an option?

      I mean, I’m not a fan of the show in general – I think that it pigeonholes women pretty badly – but I relate to Miranda and Charlotte pretty often, and Samantha occasionally when I’ve had too many drinks. It’s just Carrie that I don’t understand.

    • Hall

      SATC is fun to watch like a period piece is; you look at the pretty costumes & are amused by the story but not really inspired to make the ridiculous characters your role models. MTM was inspiring & had cute clothes to go with it. Yes SATC had some good story lines sometimes, but I always thought the women were vapid & really shallow.

    • The Red Velvet Shoe

      MTM~~I loved watching her when I was little, I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. That theme song actually made me tear up!