Would You Wear: The World’s Most Expensive Shoe

Tacky, right? Well, tacky in this day and age will run you a cool £140,000 (approx. $228,452 US) because this strappy sandal is encrusted with 30 carats in diamonds, made of solid gold.

According to the designer, Christopher Michale Shellis, ”The aim of this was to create a unique form of jewellery which you can wear on your feet. It’s a bit like if you found these on an archaeological dig in thousands of years time they would be regarded as a treasure—a treasure of the feet.”

Although I appreciate that Shellis has already made the jokes for me, I have to ask: does anyone actually think this is a great shoe?

(via The Telegraph)

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    • Jenna

      I would totally wear these if:
      (A) I could afford them
      and (B) I spent my nights on a pole in a club.
      Because they look a bit (a lot) like stripper shoes.

    • Casey

      They remind me a lot of prom shoes. If I saw them in a department store, I wouldn’t look twice. The style is completely unoriginal.

    • Shehla

      More importantly, what size are they?

    • Melissa

      I don’t know what’s more ridiculous– the shoes, or that the designer used the phrase, “a treasure of the feet”.

    • Carolyn

      I think they’re almost cute but COME ON I could buy multiple houses with that amount of money, nobody needs to spend that much on shoes. Plus what is the point of owning a diamond encrusted item if it’s also an item that makes repeated contact with the ground? You’d be constantly worried about hurting them or losing a diamond…

      • Leah

        I agree – no point in owning something that expensive if you would have to spend all your time worrying about them.

    • Dove

      They look like they’re from the shoe section of DEB. (Or strawberry, or whatever cheap, nylon-prom-dress-selling store is in your neighborhood).

      That is to say: TACKY. Wear them with some white eyeshadow and a spiral-curl up-do.

      • Meghan

        Ugh! You said it. Except I disagree about the white eyeshadow, it’s cute when worn ironically or to emulate Julianne Moore in A Single Man.

    • Steph

      Those look really uncomfortable.

      • Corissia

        You have said my thoughts.

    • oja

      I find most rediculously expensive designer things (shoes, purses, etc.) to be extremely ugly. Think about Louis Vuitton bags, it’s a brown and whit purse (ick color scheme) with neon colored logos all over it. Could it BE more obvious that yo’re just paying for the logo?
      Things like that are just proof that being rich does not equal having taste. It’s just worthless shit bored, rich house wives collect to convince themselves that they’re not wasteing their lives.
      I’m not talking about designer things that are actualy beautiful and flattering, I’m talking more along the lines of brown tennis shoes covered in yellow coach logos *gag*

    • Hannah Beth

      Tacky, tacky. Also, what happens if you fall in the water? You’d sink. On the other hand, they’re like the rich man’s version of Sketcher’s shapeups.