Poll: Do You Love Boobies?

As has been recently pointed out, The Gloss has had a bit of a fixation on boobs lately. And indeed, there’s little to dislike about breasts, when you come right down to it.

But recently, boobs have caused a bit of a stir…as they are wont to do. Last year, two middle school girls wore bracelets intended to raise awareness about breast cancer that were emblazoned with the slogan “i <3 boobies.” They were made to remove them while in school, and a lawsuit ensued. Earlier this week, a judge ruled that the girls were within their rights to wear the accessories.

Of course, those who think that the girls should have been barred from ever mentioning anything as dirty as tits could only come up with this reason, according to the Wall Street Journal:

“It is inconceivable that the court did not recognize that the bracelets were meant to titillate,” Freund told the Inquirer. “There’s no group more distractible than 12- to 14-year-old middle school boys.”

And you know what? That’s probably true. They probably were meant to titillate. And so here we are, back to feminism square one. Girls: show your boobs, but don’t talk about them. Titillate, but only when other people want you to, and not when it will keep the boys from doing more important things. If men can’t keep focused because of their raging hormones, it’s your fault for existing. Oh, and also, you can mention breasts, but ONLY when you’re talking about cancer.

For what it’s worth, I remember boys wearing baseball hats that loudly and proudly said COCKS across the front when I was in middle school — you know, because a bunch of 13-year-olds from Needham, Massachusetts were such big fans of the South Carolina Gamecocks. Just sayin’.

Anyway, what do you think? Did these girls cross a line?

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    • Eileen

      They should be allowed to, but it’s in poor taste to reduce breast cancer to a love of “boobies.” How about bracelets that say “I <3 women's lives"?

    • matbo

      I <3 boobies does not convey a message about breastcancer. Those girls probably thought they were funny and beginningly sexual. I really hate how sex-fixated breastcancer campaigns are. It one of the cancer that gets the most attention and part of it is because "boobs are hot" IMO.

    • Laura

      Oh, come on. My five year old cousin says the word ‘boobies’. How are they obscene when mens’ chests aren’t?

    • MeggyWeggy

      How dare women advertise the cancer they got in their b**bs! Everyone knows that sunlight causes cancer, and everyone knows that only whores expose their breasts, so why give a shit about these sluts, amirite Matbo?

    • http://girlyfashiontrends.com Ashley

      What’s sad is that all of these people saying what these girls did was wrong and distasteful, are ignorantly blind to the fact that this very situation has stirred up hoards of breast cancer discussions, i.e. breast cancer awareness, which is EXACTLY what the girls wanted to do in the first place! Geez people, do you seriously not understand that shock factor is one of the only ways to get the general public’s attention? Think about the slew of commercials in past years that are comprised of a scantily clad bikini model noshing on a juicy burger to promote a variety of fast food joints. They may not be “tasteful” but they get your attention and get you talking. I’m not saying I agree with this marketing tactic but it IS what works if you want to make people aware of a cause or even a burger. Crawl out of your hole people. I think these girls succeeded in spreading their word.

    • http://girlyfashiontrends.com Ashley

      Oh, and MeggyWeggy, you sound like a babbling imbecile and are truly a disgrace to the human race….

    • angie

      Man… I thought this poll was really about boob love =(