Women’s Fashion Trends That Men Aren’t Jealous Of (But They Should Be)

It takes a special man to recognize how good women have it.

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    • andrea dunlop

      Merkins were a trend? Man, we’re so behind out here inthe Pacific Northwest! Or maybe everyone else was wearing one but I just didn’t know…

    • Arnie

      Tom Ford clearly needs to come to Wellington. At least half the men I see wandering about the city are in jandals (flip flops) and shorts. And the recent invasion of winter doesn’t change that much.

    • oja

      Men look fine in rain boots as long as they don’t tuck their pants into them, rompers make anyone who wears them look like a toddler, sweat pants with writing on the but are trashy as all hell, and I never considered being expected to have a totally hairless body one of the “perks” of woman hood. All the waxing, shaveing and plucking that women are expected to do on a regualr basis is a pain the ass.
      Oh, yeah, and man who wants to be in any sort of naked situation with me better at least shave his arm pits (Robin Williams style body hair is just gross.)

    • jolie kerr

      This is a delight. Full of delight. Delightful.

    • Emma

      “Romp at you later” made me lol. This is adorable.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      you’re just still pissed about learning the hard way with hunters, Langer.

      • Matt Langer


      • Matt Langer

        Er, I meant, I have no idea what you’re talking about!

    • Odbery

      I’m surprised heels didn’t make the list. Short guys could assert their dominance with five-inch pumps!