Are You Violently Offended When Your Boyfriend Looks At Other Women?

Well, pull yourself together, lady.

We’re human. It happens. The correct response is to make bow-chicka-wow-wow noises and not respond by slapping a man to keep him from “escaping”, as is the course of action in this nifty video game the girls at TheFrisky found. God, I guess women are just trying to destroy everybody’s life by being no fun whatsoever. And in the second level, they have tasers! Honestly, I think this would be a better game if the girl escaped and tried to find someone she didn’t feel a need to tase repeatedly. Or if the second level was just “the therapist’s office.” Oh, fine. Go play it. You’re not going to like it, though! It’s going to make you feel bad about being female!

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    • M

      My boyfriend and I check out women together. It doesn’t hurt that a) he has great taste in chicks [besides me] so we can appreciate the good ones together, and b) he when he points out hot women, he’ll still remark on the features I have that he likes better. I got me a keeper.

    • Hannah Beth

      Not violently, but I get self conscious because I wonder if he’s looking for the next best thing and plans to leave me in the dust.
      Yes, I have a few self-esteem issues. Your point? I’ve talked to my boyfriend about it, though, and he’s sensitive to it, while helping me not to need shelter from things like that. I think this game is stupid and encourages women to act bitchy and passive aggressive instead of just telling their partner how they feel. Rant over. Picard out.

    • Jane

      Yeah, I don’t think a “keeper” is a guy who compares you to other women. This is something that keeps women down and keeps us competing against each other instead of breaking down the barriers that the male dominated world holds up to keep us from progressing economically. Do you seriously think that in 20 years you’re still going to be checking out the 18 year olds with him and being fine with it? Get a clue.

      • M

        Yeah, pretty sure I am: we check out chicks together because I they’re hot; he’s not the only one getting the benefit. And uhm.. As a mechanic, I think I’m the wrong person to try to pull the male-dominated world barriers, only competing against women thing on. Just for the record.