Gallery: Bad Flying Behavior

It’s no secret that airport travel has become increasingly stressful. You have long security lines, scanners that may or may not allow strangers to look at your tits while you stand there helplessly, and you have to pack and unpack and repack your bags as you make your way to the plane.

With all that going on, it’s nice if we can keep up some semblance of decorum, yes? Some civility amidst the chaos? So we don’t set one another off?

Here are some things you should try to avoid doing while on land and in the air:

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    • Arnie

      Two days after my sixteenth birthday I flew all the way to London by myself (thirty something hours on a plane. It was highly shit). The leg from Hong Kong to London was spent sat next to a couple of newlyweds, who spent large portions of the flight making out, and occasionally elbowing me as I tried, in vain, to pretend they didn’t exist.

    • Hannah Beth

      I let a Nigerian policeman borrow my cell on a flight to paris. He still e-mails to ask how I’m doing. I like that.

    • niamh

      I’m a hopeless hypocrite. If I see a couple macking out on the plane and I’m a solo sad sack I give them stink-eye and wish them mono, but when I’m with the boyf myself I’ll be like, “We’re in love and on a plane! So romantic! Eat my face and gaze lovingly at me!”. I know it’s wrong. But only I can smooch on the plane. And generally in public. Understood?

    • Ona

      Did anyone notice the problematic racial overtones of slide 5? Anyone… Bueller…