Real Talk: Is Your Haircut Making Men Fall In Love With You?

Probably! Or, maybe! Or… my hair looks funny today. Ever since Gerard Butler told Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth that all men love long hair, we’ve wondered “really?” Brace yourself; the following investigative research indicates that The Ugly Truth may not be 100% factually accurate, but still more accurate than we’d like).

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    • sarahnoid

      Please hook me up with Alan? He’s the one who makes the most sense. Of course, I have short, curly hair.

    • C.

      What’s with all these posts lately of men dissecting women into parts to be judged? Do you really think most women care what men prefer? Congrats, you’re turning into Cosmo.

      • teenie

        i see both sides to this, jen and c, but i would challenge jen: are pageviews really your goal? I thought the Gloss was more about being woman-friendly than achieving internet traffic goals.

    • Futuralon

      Let’s all pretend one of these guys is strongly feminist and his answer is “my favorite hair on a woman is the hairdo that makes her feel the best. Confidence is sexy.”

      • Lindsay Cross

        Maybe not in this post, but I’m pretty sure that in other “Real Talk” posts, such as the one about body hair, men basically said, “Whatever works for you!” The fact is, no, you shouldn’t make all your decisions based on men’s preferences. But yes, it’s interesting to hear what they have to say.

        I think men probably feel more comfortable giving an opinion about hair because it changes so often and doesn’t seem like a huge personal choice. While my husband would never dream of telling me what to do, he has mentioned that he likes my hair long. That doesn’t mean that I never cut my hair, but I still take his opinion into consideration.

    • j

      The reason they get page views is because they’re outrageous and we send our friends the link as if to say, “can you believe this crap??!”

      Photoshopping new words onto old books’ covers is nowhere near as offensive or irritating as finding out that virtually no man likes my haircut because it’s not long and flowy.

      • c

        Actually I was reading it because it shows up in my google reader, not because I actively sought this article out. But after the bitchy response Jennifer Wright left, I guess I’ll be removing the gloss from my reader.

        And by the way, since you admitted you’re only doing it for ad hits, I have ad-block installed in my browser so I don’t see your ads anyways.

      • Jennifer Wright

        We’re sorry to see you go.

    • porkchop

      Are people actually reading this because they think anyone cares what men like? Everyone knows that what men like is *pretty* hair. They can’t really say what that means because they can’t visualize anything (see: pornography). Everyone also knows that women dress their hair to either please themselves or impress other women. The reason you’re reading THIS is because you think the men the Gloss knows are funny. There’s no reason to get annoyed.

      • Eileen

        Ditto. I don’t plan to change the way I live my life based on Jennifer and Ashley’s friends’ opinions, but they’re fun and entertaining to read.

        Although I will offer that women’s hair grows fastest in their late teens and early twenties (aka the most fertile years), AND long, loose hair has historically been worn as a symbol that a woman is young and unmarried…so there are pseudo-biological and definite social reasons for men to prefer long hair.

    • bertha

      ummm…all I’m gonna say is that there is some weird race stuff between the lines in this article. It’s kinda creeping me out.

      • Burn this city

        True, not one of them said anything about natural African hair or weaves or anything. I will bet anything that the writer doesn’t even know any black men to ask what they think about hair.

      • dinosaurgrowl